April 28 Day of Mourning

April 28 Day of Mourning

Remembering and honouring those lives lost or people injured in workplace accidents

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Today’s podcast episode is a little bit different. Instead of sharing a safety tip or story, we want to shine some light on April 28th which is the Day of Mourning, an international observance as a day of mourning for workers killed, injured or made ill by their job,

The declaration of the Day of Mourning began here in Canada. In 1984, unions in Sudbury, adopted the day to acknowledge workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths. The Canadian Labour Congress held its first day of remembrance in 1986. The date of April 28th was chosen to because of the anniversary of the day Ontario passed the Workers’ Compensation Act in 1914.

Today we want to take a moment to honour lives lost, and lives forever changed due to workplace incidents, as well as encourage everyone to focus on workplace health and safety.

Workers are killed by workplace hazards every day. Each year, hundreds of thousands suffer injuries and illness because of their working conditions.

Let’s take April 28 to remember workers who have suffered work-related disability, disease and death. They are not forgotten.

Thank you for listening.

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Leslie McDermid

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